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Blackface --
Ryo Nishikido - yarichin
I'm watching the Entertainment news on YTV right now and saw that there is a comedian running around in black face -- If this was America, his career would have been over.

Why is blackface still... alright in Japan and why hasn't there been much... retaliation from the community in Japan about this? Especially the black community. I dunno, but I find the personification of blacks being paraded around as either soul singers or idiots really really annoying. Please, someone get Bobby Ogurinwhatever off of the tv airways of Japan.

Watching it just irked me in a really bad way.

Oh, Japan...

I saw this at a shop near Ueno park yesterday, and I am a loss for words. I wish I could find all these Bobby Ologun-esque masks and burn them. And they just HAD to put it next to a mask of Obama. I'm shaking my head, Japan. I'm shaking my head.

Jero set to sing in the United States!

Japanese enka star to perform at DC festival

By GILLIAN GAYNAIR, Associated Press Writer Gillian Gaynair, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON – As a boy, Jerome White Jr. often spent weekends at his grandparents house, where a melodramatic genre of Japanese music called enka would waft in the background.
White's Japanese grandmother, Takiko, had met his grandfather, an African-American serviceman, at a dance during World War II. And it was in their Pittsburgh living room that the 6-year-old and his grandma sang the postwar songs of love, loss and hardship. Even though he didn't understand the enka lyrics at the time, his Japanese singing pleased his grandmother, who died in 2005.

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MOD Warning: LJ Attacked by Random Keyloggers
Hey folks, communities within the past few days/weeks have been getting attacked by keyloggers and hackers. From foofighter0234  over at ontd_political :

"I learned this from a mod in another community:

Something/someone is going around LJ and hacking accounts of users who mod large communities. After hacking the mod LJ, they go to the community, make a post with links, and then disable comments. They also delete all the community contents (as well as the contents of the mod LJs).

If you see a post in this community by any of our mods,

saying that they are closing the community with links given in the post...


I know that they are apparently attacking large communities with 500+ users, but I just wanted to give a shout out to let everyone know the situation.

I'm not panicking here, but I just want to inform you what's going on in case it happens. Hopefully it won't, however."

We are not close to the 500 membership that some other communities have, but better safe than sorry! More detailed information can be found here at upstart_crow lj.

To the JET people, a question...
Hi everyone,

I've got a question that I hope you guys can help me with. I'm seriously considering going into the JET program. Got my interview date all set up and everything. But now I'm having second thoughts about it all. See, the last few times I was studying/living abroad, a lot of my interaction with the native people centered around my ability to speak English. It got to the point where I almost felt like I was being "used"- that people would feign friendships or an interest in me just so they could unleash their broken English for me to assist and correct them. My appearance, as a foreigner, made me stick out even more and I ended up feeling sort of isolated a lot of the time.

I know the JET program has you in a teaching position, or at least an assistant position, and I want to ask you all: Do any of you JETters ever get that feeling, like you're just a foreign curiosity or a talking English parrot, while living abroad? What about you people who are kind of shy, like me? Are the challenges of JET even harder as a result of that?

Any feedback/stories/ideas you have would be most appreciated. This is a major decision in my life and I want to think it all the way through.

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Riddle me this black folk...if i'm attending Kansai gaidai, where can i get a could haircut and beard shape-up. I got my haircut before i left, but i know that before long, ill have to get my haircut and i have no idea where to go. I asked another black person, and he was as helpful as a handful of gravel. So any ideas, where i can get a haircut?

I also bought an electric razor, because if i use a plain shaver ill break out into a hideous rash, i hear it happens to a lot of black people. My electric razor doesn't work well here because of the voltage difference. Any ideas?

Ryo Nishikido - yarichin
Hi guys :)

You know, its always refreshing to see some positive faces in the Entertainment industry of Japan who are trying to set a better image for us blacks rather then the negative, or misinterpreted, impression that we're all big, slow, loud, and rude (Thank you Bob Sapp and Bobby for that -_-).

Anyway, I've been following Jero off and on, a fellow blasian turning heads with his exceptional ability at belting out quality Enka tunes with a modern twist... so this article about him performing for Kouhaku this year brought a smile to my face :)

I translated it and I'm sorry if there's any mistranslation. m(__)m

Jero: Just Before His First Kouhaku Apperance " My heart is racing "

Black Enka Singer, Jero (27), went to rehersal for the Kouhaku Singing Competition on December 29th at Tokyo Shibuya NHK Hall. When interviewed he said his " Heart was racing ". " (In regards to Kouhaku) It still hasn't hit me yet " Letting us know about his state of mind.

Jero-san reflected, " This entire year in my life has truly been the best. "
He then happily said, " Being able to meet Kitajima-sensei* and sharing the same stage with all these artists makes me happy. "

Also, on that same day, his mother came to Japan and rushed to the assembly hall to hear him sing Enka. In regards to his grandmother, " All of this is thanks to her. When I perform, I want to sing thinking of her "

*Kitajima Saburo is a prolific Enka singer


I like to see more blasians and blacks really making a positive image for us in the media instead of that "wild and crazy" image that is so prolific these days.

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A little about me: I'm a lesbian with hetero tendencies. I'm black and I'm 20. I live in New Jersey. I wanted to move to Japan since I was fourteen and I'm still hoping to make that dream come true. There are a few obstacles though, but to make a long story short my plan is to continue going to school so that I can get my nursing degree and pay off my student loans. I'm going to continue to study the language and try and visit Japan as often as I can.
What am I looking for? My partner in crime *laughs* A fellow non straight person would be a plus but if not it's totally fine. It's just that all the people that I know are either well on their way to Japan or not planning on moving there at all. They're just huge fans. I need someone that is learning the language and is trying to take things slow in order to get to there. We could help each other learn the language. I've been looking for this person for a REALLY long time and I've just decided that I would cross post this in as many communities as I possibly can and hope for the best. Maybe I'll find the perfect person in addition to a couple of other people and we could all get to know each other ^__^ Wish me luck!

Contact info:
aim: eiennomadoromi
yahoo: misswadadli0830

Lady Jane Hair fashion

FAQ will be updated.

It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, I'm in Japan again (Tokyo to be exact). I just found out I got into my MA program of choice, so I guess I will be here for a few more years, brushing up on my Japanese.

I will begin updating more, posting pictures, etc. But for those of you in the Tokyo area, I just wanted to give you info about a new theater troupe:

Are you interested in film, theater and performance art, but have yet to find a creative outlet in Japan? Do you write plays or fiction, but have no opportunity to produce your work? Are you an actor or actress with desires to sharpen and maintain your talent? What about a director who would like to continue to hone your creative skills?

Topdog/Underdog is dedicated to bringing performance artists together in one space, where we can share our ideas and talents!


1. Share our creative passion with other artists.
2. Produce and showcase works for the Tokyo area community.
3. Create and maintain a MULTICULTURAL, MULTILINGUAL artistic niche in the Tokyo area.
4. Create an "in-house" troupe, where its members produce, direct, write and star in every single one of its productions.
5. Foster a relationship between Japanese and international artists.
6. Have fun and get crazy every once in a while!

We're not about hierarchies, we just want an artistic space where we can create and showcase great works!

No experience necessary! Just bring your bodies, your talent and your ideas! :)

Thanks! We look forward to meeting you all!

K. Abrams, M. DeChelle, A. Sanchez


There are many other meetup groups, events, etc. I am going to be highlighting over the next few weeks.



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