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Racism on the Internet
bonuspoint wrote in blacks_in_japan
Hey everyone.

This might seem random, but I was recently thinking about racism on Japanese-interest websites. If you've gone to Japanese-interest forums or chat rooms, have you encountered racism? Did you find that you were basically the only black person in the chat room or on the forum, and so felt singled out or had a hard time convincing others that the racist person was being... well, racist?

This has happened to me before. I was on Rosetta Stone's and, in the Japanese chatroom, someone said that black people are porch niggers. When I reported him, people were upset at me. Today, when I was on, someone said, "What's up, negros?" When I complained about this to the mods of the site, they said that the poster wasn't being racist or offensive.

Has anyone noticed a similar trend in their experience? How did you guys deal with it?

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Racism exists everywhere, and its sad because there are no laws on the internet -- In the sense that we make our own laws, despite the already existing governing law.

As long as there's places like /b/ that make "nigger jokes" for "teh lulz" it'll never go away on the internet.

As for racism online, Japanese are very racist online -- while anon. 2ch there are countless Korean and Chinese racist comments. Actually to be compared to a Korean is considered an insult on 2ch, so racism exists.

I never experienced racism myself because people seem more enthused that I'm Hisblasian than anything. Though I got one once and that was on livejournal itself from some ignorant Dir en grey fans after looking up my profile info.

i haven`t noticed any similar trend in that such things as this tend to happen more on Japanese-interest sites/chatrooms. i think that things like this happen everywhere in general.

how do i deal with it? i usually don`t bother dealing with it because i doubt anything would be done about it in the first place, i just end up avoiding the person/site in question.

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