Blacks in Japan


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...the only one
japanesemajor wrote in blacks_in_japan
I am actually in the US however I have taken my
first Japanese class and realized I am one three
blacks in my class...the only black female :(

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age: 23

what made me interested in Japan:
language and culture

question/ comment:
I'm new here on the site. Anyone looking to befriend
someone new. I am a Japanese major.

Hey! Welcome!

Don't let that get you down. There are a lot of black people in Japan in my opinion, as well as women. Not as much as if you were back home, but still. It's not all bad news.

don't worry, you're not the only one!

I'm in Japanese three and out of 21 kids there are two black girls and one black guy. However that number has stayed relatively constant since Japanese I, except we lost a guy because he was a senior. Next year there will only be one black guy (I think) in AP Japanese, since we girls are seniors. If you think those number are bad, you should see Mandarin!

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